Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Idiotic BBC idea of being unbiased.

Dr Brian Cox got in trouble for stating ON A SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTARY that astrology (star signs etc.) is a load of rubbish. And why? Because some people believe in it and we have to accept their views, not hurt their feelings and "not be biased against them"! The idea of having to equally present unequal views is insane! Supposedly it makes things unbiased, but it actually causes bias in the favour of the rubbish some people believe in, further justifying their ignorance.

“Welcome to a dangerous new era – the Unlightenment – in which centuries of rational thought are overturned by idiots. Superstitious idiots. They’re everywhere – reading horoscopes, buying homeopathic remedies, consulting psychics, babbling about “chakras” and “healing energies”, praying to imaginary gods, and rejecting science in favour of soft-headed bunkum. But instead of slapping these people round the face till they behave like adults, we encourage them. We’ve got to respect their beliefs, apparently.” ― Charlie Brooker

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