Monday, 16 January 2012

“Anyone claiming they have never been prejudice is either a fool or a liar”

Never one to shy from a taboo subject...

I used to dislike how so many adverts and films seem to always have a token minority in it (Hang on! Don’t react yet!) It seemed to me to be a form of racism in itself as it appears a certain number of roles are reserved specifically for ethnics? Rather than allocating them all purely by unprejudiced judging of talent.

But now I realise, this actually has the potential to help combat racism, simply by viewing the mix of “white, brown, and black (even yellow?)” as normal over and over again. Rather than just seeing it as another way political correctness could be causing one of the problems it seeks to prevent, I now think this perhaps helps to further implant (almost subconscious) thoughts that combat our incessant tribalism and increase the idea that we are one and the same.


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